Our Mission Statement

We’re the new kids on the block.

We haven’t been around for 20, 10 or 5 years, but we’ve witnessed the huge transition in technology and quality of golf apparel.

We believe innovations in fabric design is a fundamental key to improving your comfort while playing, so we challenge ourselves everyday to get better products in the hands of golfers.

Why are we different to other Golf brands?

We always put our Customer first and listen to their voice to ensure we provide the best service around.

Our 5 core principles below outline our mission and exactly how we develop our products to ensure we help golfers to look stylish and stay comfortable on the course.


Nothing holds us back as we search for the best in golf apparel technology and design.


Every product we sell is designed to help golfers perform their best on every shot.


We believe competition is necessary to create the best products, and it’s our David vs. Goliath mentality that drives us to work harder.


The best performing clothes don’t always come from the biggest companies. When you’re small, you’re able to adapt to customers desires.


We aim to always be at the leading edge of apparel technology in the golf category.